Brownie Girl Scout Programs

(Grades 2nd-3rd)

Girl Scout programs at The Artful Fairy are fun and educational!  Each program is presented by a former Girl Scout leader of over 15 years!  Girls will love the interaction and the entertaining way the session is shared with them.  They'll learn a little something, make a little something and have a whole lot of Fairy Fun!  

We are happy to design a special program for your troop!  Let us know which badge you'd like to earn and we'll make it happen!

Inventor Badge - Brownie Scouts will assemble a mini-Fairy Garden geared towards encouraging them to use familiar items in a new context.  Brownie Scouts will be given materials to create much needed items their Fairy and garden require.  They will learn how to address problems they may encounter while building their garden.  The girls will be prompted to discuss and share with others what solutions and ideas they discovered.

Painter Badge - Brownie Scouts will assemble a mini-Fairy Garden that includes the painting of their very own Fairy house or Fairy door.  Brownie Scouts will experiment with a few painting techniques to help them make a beautiful item for their garden.  This class is sure to get them inspired to keep on painting!

Troop leaders, give us a call at (585)924-4499 to get more information and check availability. Ask for Lisa.