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Do you have a question about our Drop-In Studio or Birthday Parties?  Below are the answers to the most common questions. 
Drop-In Studio
Fairy Gardens
Q:  I'd like to bring my child in right now, but I don't have an appointment!  Do I need one?
A:  It's never necessary to make an appointment! You can walk in any time during our open studio hours to Create a Fairy Garden or Terrarium or choose one of our many wood and ceramic pieces to paint.  With groups of 4 or more, please contact us ahead of time to be sure of open studio space. 
Q:  Is 3 too young to create something Magical? 
A:  3 Years old's love Magical things and often enjoy the art of creating their own Fairy Garden or painting a Fairy door.  We recommend this age and over as there are small items that may be choking hazards for those younger than 3.
Q:  I just found the cutest container I must make a Fairy Garden in.  Can I bring that to your studio?  
A:  Yes!  Bring in whatever container you'd like and we'll charge you a $15 studio fee to use all our items on the Creation Table.  Containers may assess an additional soil fee depending on size.  *Smaller containers like tea cups assess a $7 fee.  
Q:  Can I bring in items I've purchased elsewhere to add to my Fairy Garden?
A:   You are welcome to bring in handmade items, but we ask you do not bring items from retail or on-line stores as we carry a full line of Fairy Garden accessories in our retail store.  
Q:  How much time should I plan to visit?
A:  Plan on at least an hour to Create A Fairy Garden.  Some of that time will also be spent browsing all the wonderful Fairy Garden accessories in our retail section and choosing your container.
Painting and Crafting
Q:  We want to come in and paint something unique and fun!  Can we just drop in?
A:  Yes, of course!  Our studio is ready for painters and crafters any time.  
Q:  Is there a studio fee to paint?
A:  We want you to come in and enjoy your painting project without adding more costs, so there are no additional fees.
Q:  Do you have projects for boys to paint?
A:  We have items for everyone to paint!  Boys, girls, moms, dads, grandmas....anyone who enjoys painting will find something.
Q:  Do I need to leave my project there to dry?
A:  Nope!  We have hair dryers on hand to help your items dry so you can take them right home. 
Q:  How much do the projects cost?
A:  Our wood projects start at $5 and we have many in the $6-$10 range.  There may be a small charge for adding decorative items (gems, etc).  
Birthday Parties
Q:  What is the best age to have a Fairy Garden Birthday Party?
A:   Our parties are meant for children and their guests who are 4 and older.  We have different Fairy Garden Birthday parties for all age groups.  We also offer Unicorn Birthday Parties, Mermaid Birthday Parties, Art Parties and Art/Garden Parties for Tweens and Teens!
Q:  How many children can be invited?
A:  Our parties have a minimum of 8 children and our upstairs Birthday party room can hold 18 children comfortably.  
Q:  Can parents of the guests stay in the room?
A:  We ask that parent's drop off their child and return at pick-up time.  Our #1 priority is your child's special day.  As we are often moving from one part of the room to another and around the table, it is imperative we can do so effortlessly.  We want to focus our full attention on your child and her guests to give everyone the best birthday experience.  Much of what we do involves one-on-one interactions and minimizing distractions is key for a successful party.  
If a parent must stay they are welcome to sit in our cozy corner right down the hallway.
Q:  I would like to invite all of my family members to join us.  Can we do that?
A:  We understand inviting extended family is a great way to include them in the festivities.  We ask that you limit extra family members to only one as there is no additional space for them to sit or stay inside the party room.  We do offer a 'family' room down the hall where family can sit if necessary.  Please check availability before booking if you'd like to use this room.
Q:  Do I need to bring decorations, table cloths, etc?
A:  Nope!  We supply all the party decorations and room decor, including balloons! You can bring plates, napkins and silverware or we'll gladly supply them for you for $10 a party.
Q:  Do you supply the cake, food, or drinks?
A:  We are happy to order any type of food you'd like to have, including the cake and party food.  We offer pizza from Pontillo's and can order other food as requested.  You are welcome to bring any kind of food you'd like.  A pitcher of water is available at every party. 
Q:  I forgot the candles!  And, something to cut the cake.  Darn it, no matches either!
A:  No worries!  We want you to have a stress-free party experience!  We keep all the necessities on hand from extra plates and napkins, a holder for cupcakes, lighter and candles and other little things it's easy to forget.
Q:  I'm bringing the birthday girl and the I forgetting something?  This seems too easy!
A:  It is easy!  All our birthday parties at The Artful Fairy are full-service so you can relax and enjoy your child's special day.   
Q:  Will there be time to open presents?
A:  We will be happy to allow time to open presents if that's important to you.  If the party is larger (over 12 children) it may be necessary to add an additional half hour to allow time to open them.  Please check with us before reserving if you feel you'd like to add more time.
Q:  Should I ask my guests to arrive earlier than the party time to allow for latecomers?
A:   No need!  We've recently added an additional 15 minutes to all our party times to give each party that extra 'wiggle' room when it comes to waiting for guests to arrive.  Give them the time listed in your confirmation email.  
Q:  Is an hour and a half enough time?  Should I add on an extra half hour?
A:  We can easily do your party in that time frame.  However, we suggest adding a half hour for groups over 12 or if you have many extra options (like pizza and opening presents).  An extra half hour is already included in our all-inclusive party options.  
Q:  Can I add Fairy Face Painting or Wings on to the party the day before?
A:  We require at least a weeks notice for our add-on's.
Q:  Will we have to worry about other people walking in on our party?
A:  Nope!  We have a beautiful birthday party room upstairs that's private, so you can enjoy your party interruption free!
Q:  Is this something boy's would like to do?
A:  Absolutely!  What's not to like about playing in the dirt?  You can do a troll or gnome theme, maybe dinosaurs or cowboys and indians!  We have lots of different ideas.