Junior Girl Scout Programs

(Grades 4th-5th)

Girl Scout programs at The Artful Fairy are fun and educational!  Each program is presented by a former Girl Scout leader of over 15 years!  Girls will love the interaction and the entertaining way the session is shared with them.  They'll learn a little something, make a little something and have a whole lot of Fairy Fun!  

We are happy to design a special program for your troop!  Let us know which badge you'd like to earn and we'll make it happen!

Girl Scout Troop making Fairy Gardens

Choose from the options below or call us to design a badge for you!

Product Designer Badge - Junior Scouts will assemble a mini Fairy Garden geared towards encouraging them to design an item for their Fairy or Garden.  Junior Scouts will be given materials to create much needed items that their Fairy Garden require.  They will be encouraged to improve upon items such as a bridge, table and stools, a hut, etc.  The girls will have support to put their plans into action and when making revisions.  

Detective Badge  - Junior Scouts will assemble a mini Fairy Garden while working on solving a mystery.  Junior Scouts will be given multiple clues to use as evidence.  This program is sure to get your Girl Scouts engaged; practicing local thinking and looking for patterns.  The girls will put their skills into practice as they solve The Artful Fairy Mystery!

Give us a call today at (585) 924-4499 to schedule your Girl Scout adventure!