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The Artful Fairy is open!

Nothing was more exciting than opening the doors of The Artful Fairy the very first day. I flipped over the sign from 'Closed' to 'Open' and a whole new adventure began for me!

This has been a really exciting year for The Artful Fairy. It started out as a fun new way to be creative at festivals, which is where it all began. Ten days at The Lilac Festival and I was hooked. So many people with a love for creating, gardens, fairies and believing in magic. Every day I watched as kids and adults picked up an empty box (some with anticipation, some with intrepidation) and created something so magical, they couldn't believe their eyes. To create a little world, so real and so happy, made SO many people happy. And, that's what The Artful Fairy is all about. I can't tell you the joy I get from seeing faces light up and imaginations running wild to create a Fairy Garden. I love to see each and every one of them. Each one is as unique as the person who created it. That's what makes them so special.

My goal is to bring creativity and fun to adults and kids. To remember the joy we had as kids being free and expressing ourselves in ways a busy world seems to have put a bit of a damper on. The great thing's still there. Deep inside. In each and every one of us. You need to let go of whatever beliefs you have created in your mind of doing something wrong or not doing it as perfect as someone else. (The Martha Stewart Syndrome) Stop telling yourself you're not creative. It's there. It just needs the right loving, non-judgemental, fun space for you to let it out. I want to offer you that space.

As the doors open every day, I look forward to helping you find that creative space inside you, And, if you take that Fairy Garden home, and look at it with pride in yourself for creating something so uniquely yours, then I will have done my job.

Oh, and I won't tell anyone that you play with your Garden every day. It'll be our little secret. :)

~ Fairy Lisa ~

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