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Fairy Garden Birthday Party!

What do 11 kids, 8 adults, 10 chattering Fairies and a 1 mystical wizard have in common?

They were all attending Lauren's 9th birthday party..our very first one at The Artful Fairy!!

We had lots of fun! Our Fairies waited patiently as their brand new Fairy Houses were being created. All the kids loved making a special house for their soon-to-be new Fairy Friend. Some used lots of moss, others gave their house a nice coat of pretty, new paint. Some even made little beds for their Fairy to rest on inside! There was a wizards secret place, and an outdoor themed house. Such creativity and imagination!

Each child then placed their Fairy House in their Fairy Garden box and created all kinds of neat and unique places for their Fairies to relax and enjoy. Fairy hot tubs, secret gardens, little spaces just for them...why, it made me wish there was enough Fairy Dust so I could become little and live there too!

Then it was time for choosing which lucky Fairy would live in your house. Every one of them was as happy as little Fairies could be to be adopted and have a new home. The Fairies spent the afternoon relaxing and checking out their new digs.

After our Fairy Garden creation time, there was pizza, cake and of course, presents!

It was the perfect Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Lauren!

~ Fairy Lisa ~

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