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Keep Your Sanity Over Christmas Break!

I remember when my kids were in grade school how I would go crazy with the thought of what would I do with them for a few weeks. We did the usual stuff - Strong Museum, Seneca Park Zoo, Eastview Maill, Chuck E Cheese...and, lots of visits over to Grandmas! :)

While the kids usually had fun; dealing with all the traffic, people and overcrowding everywhere would get on my nerves! I was happy when I'd find a camp at the YMCA or the gymnastics center where the kids could go for a few hours and I could enjoy grocery shopping by myself. Because, let's face's the simple things in life that are most treasured when you're a mom.

My kids are now teenagers, but I remember what it was like. So, I decided it'd be fun to offer families an alternative to the craziness of the holiday break and have a place the kids can go for a few hours a day. If you're looking for a fun, easy place the kids can go during Winter Break, have them come to one of our Fun Days at The Artful Fairy!

Check out the info on our Home Page.

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