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12 Ordinary Household Items To Turn Into Extraordinary Fairy Garden Accessories!

I often putter around the house looking for something unusual I can use in my Fairy Garden. I never really know it's unusual until I think outside the box and find another use for it. Usually that takes a lot of work on my part to find something different.

But, the other day, while searching high and low for something out of the ordinary, I began having a change of heart. Maybe there was cool stuff around my house I saw every day that might be pretty neat in my Fairy Garden.

So, the search began! Once I started looking, things I'd never thought about were coming out of the woodwork. OMG, how did I not see these items before?? Because, they were right under my nose and too easy to find.

Well, I wasn't going to neglect the obvious any more! Here's my list of 12 ordinary household items you can use to make your Fairy Garden Fairy Extraordinaire!!

1. Bobby Pins - Does anyone even use these anymore?? They were a staple for every mom with a daughter in the 70's. I found mine were perfect for using as a fence, to hold up items that didn't have sticks in them or to even make a little clothesline with.

2. Buttons - Buttons are just darn cute! Use different colored ones to make a walkway, glue them to a container for a roof of a house or use tiny ones as dishes.

3. Empty flower pots - I'm talking the black ones plants come in at the garden center. These make great ponds! Use a heavy freezer type bag inside, wrap it over the top and secure it with a rubber band. Put in the ground, cover around the outer rim and fill with water! Instant pond!

4. Old jewelry - Fairies love BLING! I had some old clip-on earrings lying around the house that were ready for the trash when I decided they were too pretty to just throw away. I removed some of the clips and placed the earrings around my garden. Others I simply clipped the earring on to something else to add a bit of sparkle. Old necklaces can be cut apart and used for the beads to place around your garden too. They can become magical portals if you put them in a special place and glitter them up,

5. Twigs, bark, acorns, rocks - These are pretty simple and usually quite abundant. There's a huge thrill in creating something out of natural items - especially when they are functional. Acorns make great dishes or Fairy foot baths. Rocks are awesome for paths. Twigs can be fire pits or create a teepee or hut. We used bark to create our bathroom, complete with a little sink, a piece of broken mirror and the tiniest roll of toilet paper you've ever seen (check out the picture above).

6. Silverware- Ever see those cool hanging chimes made out of utensils? Next time you've got a single piece of a silverware pattern left, take it and create something for your Fairy Garden. A few knives might be an exclusive entrance to the garden. Use tools to twist and bend them into interesting and different shapes.

7. Thread Spools - Okay, I know I'm dating myself here, but seriously. Do you remember the little wooden spools thread used to come on before they went to plastic? They can be used for all kinds of Fairy accessories! We used them back in the 70's (again) for our dolls to use as chairs; glued them together to make an arch for a wedding (Barbie and Ken you know) and a whole list of other things. While there may not be any weddings in your Fairy Garden, some spool stools will make your Fairies guests quite happy.

8. Corks - Who doesn't have a few wine corks lying around? We love these at the store because they are so versatile. Similar to the spools, they are great for seating around your twig campfire. Or, take a marble and grab a bit of glue and place it on the small side of a cork for a gazing ball.

9. Tile - Almost everyone I know has a few extra tiles lying around from a floor project. Take a hammer and break them up if you don't have a tile cutter and use them for pathways, books (write on them with a marker), headstone markers for your Halloween themed garden - you name it!

10. Ceramic plates or pots - You know that one piece of ceramic dishware that doesn't match anything, but you can't throw it away? Use it for your garden! Break it up with a hammer and use the pieces for a bridge or a patio or use it for a walkway.

11. Old toys - Old toys can be really fun. Use tires off an old matchbox car for a tire swing. Use little doll accessories for furniture or outdoor decorations.

12. Broken pots or rusted containers - Now, I don't want you to go rummaging through your garbage for a can from last night's dinner. But, if you look somewhere in your backyard; behind a fence or the shed maybe; you may come across a cool container that has since rusted away (if you're lucky). Be careful, of course, when handling anything rusty or broken (get those gloves on!), but the Fairies are keepers of the environment and love when you reuse something that's been tossed away. Display it in the garden, topped with flowers or some Fairy treats and the Fairies will certainly stop for a visit.

Let us know what unique and fun items you create from your found treasures!

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