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Relax! It's not to late to start your Fairy Garden!

Ah Summer! We spend months awaiting the warmer weather and when it finally comes we try to make the most out of each day. Somehow, it still goes by too fast and back to school comes before you have a chance to finish all those outdoor projects you've wanted to do, including making a Fairy garden with the kids. (Or, for yourself!) I know I start to get all wonky Mid-July thinking about all I wanted to do and wondering if I'll have time to get to it all.

The good news is the answer is YES!

Creating a Fairy garden in the middle of Summer has major advantages and leaves lots of time to enjoy it before putting it away for Winter.

Here are 5 reasons why starting your Fairy Garden now is a good thing!

Time outside is good for you!

girl chillaxing on the grass

Warmer and longer days gives us more time to spend outdoors. Fresh air, sunshine and warmth is great for your mental health! Not only will it make you happy but it’ll make your fairies happy as well. They love watching you create their special place and will often help (very quietly, of course) by putting items where you will find them. Breathe in the warm, Summer air and watch as your creativity comes to life.

Fairy Tip: Don't forget your sunscreen!

It’s Fairy Family Friendly!

Making a garden can be a great family activity and a perfect way to ‘unplug’ the kids. Head outside and collect pine cones, rocks, acorns, sticks and moss right from your backyard! Take a nature hike and look for unique natural items for your garden like mushrooms or bark or an interesting sea shell at the beach. Fairies love all things to do with nature so the more you collect the more your fairy will love their new space.

Fairy Tip: Remember to only pick up what has fallen on the ground.

Less Planning - More Fun!

Along with warm weather comes plants and flowers in full bloom, giving you an easy way to add Fairy items to your garden without worrying about how it will look when the flowers come up. Your Fairy loves these secret spaces in the garden to play a game of hide and seek or have a tea party with her Fairy Friends. Place a house under a plant, make a path between the flowers and create a cozy nook under a shade tree. It’s everything a Fairy would love!

Fairy Tip: Find us a place where we won’t accidentally get under the lawn mower!

Shop lots for a lot less

This is the perfect time of year to head to your favorite Fairy store (we have a suggestion *wink wink) or garden center to find special Fairy garden pieces at a great price. Search garage and yard sales for that one of a kind item to make your Fairy garden come to life. Look for old teapots, cups or watering cans to use as a Fairy house. Broken clay pots or ceramics are great finds for your Fairy to live in too! Let the Fairies guide you to what they like...I promise they’ll help you find the right item for their garden!

Fairy Tip: We love to make old things new again and recycle.

Your kids have been asking you to make one

Many a parent or grandparent have come in saying the kids want to create a Fairy garden, but they don't know how to start. The answer is easy. Give them the go ahead and a place to call their own and let them relish in the freedom of creating a world for their Fairy friends. No Pinterest necessary! (Except for afterwards, when you want to share their amazing Fairy garden). Give them natural or store bought items or let them create their own. It can be fun for them and super easy for you.

Fairy Tip: Leave us a sweet piece of candy (and don't forget treats for the kids too!)

Here's one important tip to remember - it's all about having fun and creating something Magical. Whether it lasts a few days or a few months doesn't matter as much as making a wonderful memory that will last a lifetime.

Have fun in the sun!

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