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5 Great DIY’s for Your Camping Themed-Fairy Garden

Enjoy the last camping trips of Summer! When the trip has ended you can bring that magic feeling home to your Fairy garden with these 5 do-it-yourself camping crafts the kids (and you!) will love!

Easy Mini Camping Set!

DIY mini camping set with sticks and paper

What Fairy wouldn't love to lay out under the stars in these adorable popsicle stick tents! You can use your favorite patterned paper or a solid color to decorate

to your liking. Create an easy outdoor theme the kids can play with right in their bedroom all year round.

You can find all the info on creating these with your kids from Artsy Craftsy Mom.

Feeling Crafty? Try this Tent DIY!

Looking for something more challenging? Watch the video from Sugar Charm Shop to learn how to create a super realistic tent and campfire sure to please any Fairy...and maybe even a few woodland critters.

Or Maybe a Popsicle stick Canoe?

Grab an oar and a life jacket and let's hit the water!

Canoeing is a memory in the making to see the oranges, pinks and yellows of a sunset sparkling on the water. So bring that magic to your Fairy garden with this canoe!

The best part--it only takes three popsicle sticks!

This DIY by Eve Of Reduction is meant to use the popsicle sticks that are

kicking around in your craft storage. No sticks to be found?

Spoil yourself and your kids with a cold treat!

Mini Treats are Oh So Sweet!

A basket full of goodies on a pick-a-nick is sure to bring out the hungry Fairy (and maybe a bear or two). This DIY video from Rainbow Tinkle's World has directions for the picnic basket and yummy sweet treats. Wait until you see how simple these are to make and what everyday items they are made from.

It’s a must-have for any camping themed Fairy Garden.

A Sleeping Bag for Tired Fairies!

Imagine a Fairy sleepover with all her favorite friends! Make these small enough to fit in your tent or placed around your fire for an extra special detail. Melanie Ham's video is a great step-by-step tutorial for every level of seamstress.

Make a sleeping bags from scrap fabric squares that need a re-purpose. These are perfect for creating a cozy, welcoming atmosphere for any friendly magical creature!

What else will you create for your miniature Camping Fairy Garden?

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