• Lisa, The Artful Fairy

A Magical Season has Started!

I love back to school.

The smell of new school supplies. The sound of new schoolbook being opened for the first time. The slow, subtle changes that bring us Indian Summer.

I can't help but smile as the kids excitedly get on the bus; lunches in hand and new backpacks filled with school supplies. So many possibilities on their first day! So many new friends to make! After being together the whole summer, it's hard to imagine being apart from them, but it's time to make new memories.

Along with the quiet that follows when the bus pulls away comes the dilemma of what to do first. So many thoughts come to mind, but one in particular beckons to me. Now I have time to work on my Fairy Garden! It's something that I get wrapped up in and time passes so fast. I swear by the time I have everything the way I want it, they'll be back to tell me their days.

What's on your agenda to do as the kids go back to school?

I awoke in the morning

Ready to start my day, Helped the kids get ready for school While I got excited to play.

The bus pulled up In front of the house,

I got them dressed As quick as a mouse. They jumped on the bus,

Eagerly waved goodbye,

As the bus pulled away

I wiped a tear from my eye.

Back in the house

I cleaned up the mess,

Rushed upstairs

And went to get dressed.

So much to do

No time to waste,

A little time for me,

I had to go without haste.

I put on my sunglasses,

Threw on my hat.

Grabbed my favorite book,

Almost stepped on the cat.

Went outside

Wiped off the chair,

Memories of summer

Flew everywhere.

I settled in to relax

and glanced up to the sky,

Went back to my book,

As something caught my eye.

Across the yard,

Just under the tree,

My Fairy Garden twinkled

And called out to me.

The little items sparkled

Under the mid morning sun,

I imagined my Fairies

Were just having fun.

Dancing around

As if in celebration.

I wondered if they'd mind

Some re-decoration?

I moved the tiny furniture

Beneath the flowers.

The magic of my Fairy Garden

Is where I'd spent hours.

I felt so relaxed

playing under the trees,

I hadn't even noticed

I'd gotten down on my knees.

As my garden became

a sight of perfection,

I heard a bus honk,

From a very close direction.

I ran to the door,

As the bus drove away

Knowing that tomorrow

Would be a new day!

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