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How to Prepare Your Fairy Garden For Fall


That's how fast the seasons are changing. Summer goes by too fast, I feel like we just celebrated the 4th of July, I'll blink again and it'll be October.

And then..... before you know it....snow.

While we start to enjoy the crispness of Fall and all it has to offer, it's also a great time to take care of our Fairy Gardens for the upcoming seasons.



Did you know most succulents can't handle temperatures below 30 degrees? Here in Western New York, these temperatures can happen late September-October so right now is the perfect time to bring your plants in!

  • A good idea is to water your succulents 1-2 days before you are ready to transplant them

  • Use well-draining soil (Perlite is a great mix to add to your soil)

  • Make sure the pot you use has proper water drainage

  • Give them proper sunlight, most succulents need at least six hours a day

  • Do your research when they are most active (winter or summer) -- active winter plants need more water!

  • If you see your plants leaning towards your light source, this is a sign that they need more light and you might need to move the planter or buy a grow light.

  • If you have pets make sure the plants you're bring in aren't poisonous if ingested

The good news is that succulents are hardy enough to survive the process and only a few tweaks need to be made so they stay healthy indoors to ready them for a trip back outdoors in Spring!

Fairies and Accessories

When it comes to your outdoor accessories, you can either:

  • Use in displays inside your home

  • Store them for Spring

  • Weather-proof them and leave outside

Use in displays inside your home

Enjoy your Fairy Garden all year round by bringing your pieces inside and creating indoor displays! Use decorative containers, baskets, or boxes and make mini scenes you can change up for the holiday and winter season.

Add leaves, little pumpkins and orange/brown moss to bring Fall to your garden. For winter add fake snow to match the snow outside! (and, you won't have to shovel it!) Or, make it beach-themed to provide you warmth even when it's below zero and you're tired of the snow (that January-February blues).

Store them for Spring

If the blur of the holidays and all the decorations make you wary of keeping out your Fairy Garden accessories, then storage is the way to go!

Collect everything up before the weather turns too cold and give them a good once over. Wash anything that may have little critters living inside and decide which items you're going to toss and which ones you will give an uplift to over the winter months. Many items can be re-painted and sprayed with an outdoor spray for next year, so don't throw away those precious pieces you love!

Depending on how many items you want to store, a good idea is to wrap the breakables in newspaper and placed heaviest first in a waterproof tub with a lid. A cardboard box can also be used, but that could cause water damage if you end up with a leaky spring roof or random mid-winter melt. Better safe than sorry. It's much cheaper and easier to buy a waterproof tub than re-buy your fairy garden collection (poor fairies!).

Winterize your collection

In warmer winter climates you may be able to leave your Fairy Garden items outside, but prepare them for somewhat colder temperatures.

Items made of plaster (stepping stones, etc) should be brought inside. The cold and warm air contractions have a tendency to crack these into many pieces over winter.

Resin items should be nestled among warm moss and kept off the cold ground. Remember, any time water gets into a crack and re-freezes it creates more cracks and could shatter your piece. Excessive amount of snow (we had almost 100 inches last winter!) could create too much weight for your figures to handle. You could even lose them in the snow and accidentally step on them (yikes!).

If you want to keep your pieces outdoors, place them on a covered porch or area where the snow and wind won't affect them.

Fairy Garden Area

If there are annuals in your Fairy Garden, clean them up by pulling out all the dead flowers. Stones used for paths may get buried under snow and pressed far into the dirt making them hard to find in Spring. Dig them up and use a colander to sift away all the excess dirt. Store these in a bag in the garage.

Dig up any bulbs that need to be winterized and store those down in the basement until they are ready to get re-planted.

Any natural items you'd like to keep for next year should be stored as well. Winter cold and Spring rains can deteriorate bark houses and stick made items especially those made with any type of glue. Bring inside to keep fresh over the winter months.

Whichever way you choose to take care of your Fairy Garden, be sure to leave a little note to let your Fairies know their houses are safe and sound until Spring.

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