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Bunny Bait Recipe

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my first blog!

Easter is at the end of this month and if you're like me the panic sets in really quick when you realize how little time you have to get everything all together. Some things are easy - baskets, candy, little trinkets. But, what about the magic of the holiday?

One of the cutest ideas is sprinkling a bag of little treats on your lawn for the bunny to come and get - Bunny Bait!

If the word recipe had you worried this would be a time consuming task - I promise you it's easy!

Here's some of the items I use in ours - you can certainly add whatever you have on hand. There's only one caveat - everything you use should be edible for the little animals that might stumble upon it. I know people sprinkle glitter and other non-edibles in their mix, but if you can avoid that all the little critters will thank you!

Okay, ready?

  • Oatmeal (dry, not cooked!)

  • Sunflower seeds

  • Cranberries

  • Dried carrots

  • Dried apple

  • Bird seed

  • Pumpkin seeds

This list is really a guide and you certainly don't have to use all of it. The oatmeal forms the base and the rest kind of adds the color to it. I bought all my seeds and berries from Dollar Tree. You can find them in the dried fruit section of snacks. And, there really isn't any waste. Whatever is left over you can throw out in the yard.

Use the tag below to add to the top of your bag or create one of your own.

If you really find you don't have the time or desire to make some yourself, you can hop over and grab a bag or two.

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