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Broken Pot Fairy Garden's






I love to buy ceramic and clay planters.  Most of the time they don’t get out on the patio, but instead sit in the garage awaiting the perfect plant to call it home.


Ultimately, one or two get broken and I’m left with pieces of a pretty planter I can’t seem to part with.  For years I would keep all the damaged ones together in a box in the corner figuring I’d find something to do with them eventually.


One day I decided to put my pieces together and see what I could come up with. It was much easier than I anticipated and definitely more fun than I ever imagined. 


Find yourself a broken pot (or one you don’t mind breaking) and let me show you the steps to creating a miniature Fairy garden in a broken pot. 


Gather everything below to make your broken Fairy Garden Pot


  1. A large clay pot and a few various smaller pots

  2. Hammer

  3. Pliers/Nippers

  4. Eye protection

  5. Garden gloves

  6. Towel

  7. Sandpaper

  8. Plastic container (large enough to put the pot inside)

  9. Accessories!  Fences, signs, a mini house, a Fairy or two

  10. Plants – Succulents are great for sunny/outside locations or ferns for inside/shady spots

  11. Natural items – moss, bark, stones, acorns, etc.


Step One:  Breaking your pot




If starting with a new pot, outline the area you wish to break with a pencil.  You can try and score the area with a utility knife as well.  Remember, the process is not exact, but having an idea where you’d like it to break is helpful.  I always find pots break better when by accident than on purpose, but, we’re going to give it our best shot!




Place a folded towel underneath your pot.  With your hammer, gently tap the pot lightly along the lines you’ve created.  While a “V” is the most desired shape in a broken pot, don’t give up if it doesn’t look exactly like ones you see on social media or in the store.  It’s common for the pot to break in a circle around the pot instead of from top to bottom.  Use your pliers to ‘nip’ the sides and break away pieces of the pot as needed to create the shape you’re looking for. 


If it doesn’t crack the way you want it, it's okay! Let your creativity flow and see where it takes you!  You can utilize all your pieces of broken pot in creating your garden and it may come out in an unexpected, amazing way!



If you already have a broken pot, you can use your nippers to break off any jagged edges and shape the area.  Be sure to wear eye protection and gloves.  If the edges are too sharp, wet your pot and use wet sandpaper to smooth them out.


Fairy Tip:  Soaking a pot in water for an hour or so before hand can help with any residual dust and may help the pot to crack better. 


Step Two: Creating a Lighter Space and Drainage




Once your pot has been cut you’ll need to decide how to arrange your broken pieces, where to place your plants and how to put the soil to hold it all together.  If you are using a large pot it’s helpful to add a layer of pine cones or recyclable packing peanuts about 1/3-1/2 up the pot to reduce the weight and help with drainage if your pot does not have a drainage hole in the bottom.  Even smaller pots can benefit from doing this. 


Fairy Tip:  A lighter pot is easier to lift and helps us to see other parts of your yard when you move it!




Step Three: Arranging your Broken Pieces and Adding Soil