A Unicorn Lover's Dream Come True!

Great for our Creative Unicorn Friends 5 and older!

Our Unicorn/Rainbow party is a Magical journey to

places one can only imagine.  Come with us Over the Rainbow.

Unicorn Rainbow Party

  • One and a Half Hour Party

  • Create a Magical Unicorn Habitat

  • Make a Unicorn Garden in a Colorful Container

  • Add a Rainbow River

  • Teeny Glitter Unicorn


$275 or a Party of 8

Over The Rainbow Party


Same as the Unicorn Rainbow Party + the following:

  • Pizza w/1 topping

  • Lemonade drink

  • Paper plates, napkins, silverware, cups

  • Unicorn Horns

  • Personalized Canvas to sign and color

  • An extra 1/2 hour of Party Time!


$395 for a Party of 8

$30 Each Additional Child

The Unicorn doesn't know how rare a thing she is

And so she runs along the shore

And dances in the winds

And tells her clever stories

And sings her pretty songs

And all the others simply watch

And hope to sing along