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Welcome to The Artful Fairy Shop

  • Is there an age limit to attend a blanket making class?
    Since all kids are different in their attention spans and abilities, it is hard to put an age on it. However, our experience has been kids 10 and above are best suited for the 3 hour class. You can make the judgement about your child's attendance knowing they must be able to follow directions, stay focused for 3 hours, have the dexterity to create a blanket and it's something they really would like to do. If you aren't sure, you can always contact us and we will gladly discuss it with you :)
  • Is there a list of the available colors I can choose from for my blanket?
    Yes! You can choose the colors shown in the photo. Each blanket uses 6 skeins of yarn. You may choose any combination of colors you wish!
  • Do you have a store location?
    Our store location in Victor has been closed since 2021. We now operate from an in-home studio and many of our items can be purchased on our website or Etsy.
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